10 Muscle Building Tips To Help In Achieving Better Results

Though there are many muscle building tips practiced by the bodybuilders and the fitness fanatics for many decades, there are few successful and better-achieving methods or tips too. It is a common idea for the people who are very much interested in their bodybuilding regime must get big and get every part of the muscle in perfect proportion and in beautiful symmetry.

Basically, the only desire of the bodybuilders is to get bigger and stronger as much as possible. To tone each and every muscle of the body, there are different and unique exercises and weight lifting procedures available. But at the same time, there are tips which will help the bodybuilders either they can be professional builders or just a starter up.

Right from the type of food intake, how many times a person can visit a gym per week, how long they can be in the gym doing exercises and weight lifting, etc. These 10 muscle-building tips will help every individual to become in expected shape and size as perfectly as possible. Below are the 10 tips that are clearly described for better muscle-building results.

  • Eating maximum of carbohydrates
  • Drinking more water
  • Eating a good portion of protein
  • Eating in multiple times of a day
  • Eating only nominated level of good fat
  • Proper diet before a good workout
  • Rest is vital
  • Supplement intake is recommended
  • High-quality meal after a workout
  • High protein intake than calorie


  1. Eating Maximum Of Carbohydrates

As it is a known fact that, carb in the body helps to regain energy when in the time of extensive workout schedules. For an energetic and long timing work out, carbohydrate helps as an energy source or a fuel to the body. Carbohydrates are stored in the form of glycogen in the body.

The concept of eating carbohydrates more is to utilize and saturate the glycogen when in the time of extensive workout and after the workout without wanting to eat high protein more than the required quantity. So, it is always better to keep in mind that the higher the carb level in the body will increase or maintain the anabolic state of the person.

  1. Drinking More Water

As per the doctor’s advice, an average person should drink at least 4 to 5 liters of water daily. When it comes to the muscle and the bodybuilders, the more the consumption of water will help then regain strength without getting dehydrated. It is a known fact that a human body comprises nearly 70% of water and adding to that nearly 80% of the blood content is water. When it comes to the muscle builders, the more they drink water the more the muscle toning will be. It is told that every single pound of the muscle in a person’s body can store nearly 3 pounds of water in it. So drinking water is very much a vital tip to anyone who is planning to take up bodybuilding interest or who is already a bodybuilder.

  1. Eating Good Portion Of Protein

Eating a significant amount of protein every day by calculating the bodyweight is very important. There is a story behind this idea. Just think that you are planning to make ice cream. You have bought all the items which help to make an ice cream except cream. So there is no point in making ice cream without cream. Just the same way, eating protein food is very important for building muscles. As it is a known fact that, muscle is made of protein which contains purely of amino acids. So, if there is no protein intake then there is no point of dreaming about obtaining muscle in the 1st hand and later shaping it.

The consideration of having protein is calculated by body weight. Just keep in mind that, you should eat two grams of protein for every pound of your body weight. This does not mean that protein should be in-taken at the same time. You should plan the eating interval of it every day. Some of the best examples of protein food are eggs, beef, chicken, fish, and whey.

  1. Eating in multiple times of a day

When thinking about eating multiple time of day, can say around 6 times a day is scary. But this doesn’t mean that eating heavy meals every time. It is been a known fact that around 4000 calories are the minimum intake of a muscle builder. That includes all the protein, Vitamins, Carbs, etc. the better way of eating in smaller quantities in a day is by dividing 6 portions of the 4000 calorie meal. Each individual meal comes around 660 calorie intake.

The main reason behind these multiple eating procedures for a bodybuilder is the release of insulin in the body. As it is known to all, that insulin is the anabolic hormones of the body.  This kind of diet helps your body to maintain the state of homeostasis to maintain strength.

  1. Eating only nominated level of good fat

It is a myth, that muscle and bodybuilders should avoid eating fat. But the truth is eating good fat is very healthy for the muscle-building body. It is a proven fact that testosterone levels and good fat are closely related to each other.

The most common way of mentioning the proof about it is the bodybuilders wanting to be in the diet without the intake of any fat and calorie to show off their body development on stage. It is because; when in the time of restrictive diet they automatically stop’s from the growth. For best supplements on muscle building vist: www.crazybulk.com

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