7 tips and recommendation for men over 40 get a ripped body faster

If you’re a man over your  40’s, you may have given up on the idea of getting fit and in shape again. You may think that you’ve had your time, but now is the chance to start again so you can increase longevity, health and energy to live a better and happier life. Here are 7 reasons why you should start getting back into fitness if you’re 40 or over.

1. Arthritis And Bone Density

As we get older, there’s one thing we start to fear more. Arthritis. It’s a word we hear often but the effects can be crippling. It can leave people living on pain medication for the rest of their retirement, which isn’t something most of us would wish for. Studies have proven that by lifting weights and working out increases bone density and healthy joints.

2. Increases Your Testosterone

As men get older, their testosterone starts to drop around their forties. This may sound like something to dread and it may hurt the ego for many of us men, but there’s a way to combat this. Testosterone is increased after working out and can give you that great feeling after you’ve just done a great session. We all love that buzz feeling after a great workout, right?

3. Older Doesn’t Mean Easier

There have been myths surrounding fitness for a long time. One of these myths is to say that just because you’re older you can’t push your limits. The great news is that studies also show that after your forties, you can still do intense exercise, so this can’t be an excuse anymore. Middle age men may not have all the stamina that they once had, but they have enough to push their limits relative to their own capabilities.

4. 40 is the new 30

In a few studies in Amsterdam, it showed that not only the health benefits increase when you exercise, but your body almost seems to reset itself in a way. How’s this possible. Even at the age of 40, if your exercise and workout routine is consistent, you can have almost exactly the same health benefits of someone who is training in their thirties. Most of us complain about age, but it wouldn’t be too bad to feel 10 years younger again, right?

5. You Can Still Build Muscle

Because this stigma surrounds men and women who are into fitness after 40, many people think they can’t build muscle mass anymore. This is wrong. There has been no evidence found to back this up. In fact a study has said that out of 40 competitive triathalon participants, found no muscle deterioration in people the age of 40-80. How about that for some motivation!

6. Fending Off Heart Disease

When it comes to heart disease, it’s one of the biggest killers in the world. Evidence has show that if you start doing exercise and training at any age, you can significantly reduce the risk of getting heat disease. This is even a bigger reason to get started if you have previous history of heart health problems in your family.

7. Improves Your Immunity

As we get older, our immune system tends to not work as well as it once did. As science says, that exercise helps us create more white cells to stave off diseases and ill health. This means that you don’t have to keep calling in for sick leave and you don’t have to always worry about catching the common cold every time a season comes around.

So It All Looks Up From Here

Back in the days when science wasn’t so advanced, age was a big reason why you shouldn’t do many things. But as science advances it only shows that we aren’t as fragile as we once thought and that keeping active is just a way to keep healthier and happier. 

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