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It is but natural for men to aspire to build chest muscles. Well, not all guys really want to work out their chest muscles for varied reasons but it is a fact that all guys want a nice-looking chest. A great-looking chest will instantly make a guy look hotter and that is surely going to be an attention-grabber. The reason behind this male chest craze is that the male chest is one of the most attractive assets of a guy. It follows then that toning and building this particular muscle area will definitely make all the girls crazy over you.

There is an effective way to build chest muscles. In your workouts and when you are working on your chest, take into consideration the anatomy of your chest. There are four major parts of your muscles that you need to know and work on in your strength training exercises so you can build chest muscles quickly. For you to reap the results fast in building your chest muscles, you need to employ an effective exercise routine that will hit all the four muscle groups.

Working on each of the four muscle groups is relatively easier and more effective in this type of approach. These chest muscles are the upper chest muscle, the lower chest muscle, the inner chest muscle, and the outer chest muscle. Your main objective now is to tone and define each of the muscle groups that were mentioned above. By doing so, you are guaranteed that you are working out the right places and quick results can be attained.
There a few simple weight lifting exercises that will help build a well-defined chest.

1.Barbell Bench Press

This workout is quite effective in building the chest. The standard, incline, or decline barbell bench exercises make for an effective chest workout. You work most chest muscles with these exercises but your range of motion is not as great as with other chest workouts. The more weight you can handle the more intense your chest muscles will work and react.

2.Dumbbell Press

Dumbbell presses are perhaps the best chest workouts you can do. This particular workout has the incline, standard, and decline dumbbell press exercises. They are very effective on working the entire chest area. They are better than the barbell workout because they offer you a greater range of motion. A greater range of motion allows more muscles to work. Moreover, you can also add military dumbbell presses to get the best effect
3.Wide-Grip Dips

This exercise is very basic but very powerful. It will put an enormous amount of stress on the chest muscles. The wider your grip is, the greater the stress on your chest. There are machines that will add resistance with a weight belt for you to increase your workout.

4.Low Cable crossovers

Low Cable crossovers are an inner pectoral exercise, the key is the correct amount of tension. High Cable crossovers will also work the difficult to reach inner Pectorals.

5.Close grip bench press

Close grip bench press, this will work the inner Pecs quite well, and they also give a good workout to the triceps. Bench press-Wide grip will work the outer chest muscles.
6.Dumbbell Flyers
Dumbbell Flyers works the inner pectoral muscles, but you really have to squeeze them together. Just like the bench press, you can adjust the angle in which you attack the muscles. Wide gripped dips work the chest, and the angle of your elbows will determine what area of the chest you’re working out.

7.Seated Machine Chest Press

The machine press is beneficial because of the great free- weight move along a flat bench both in the eccentric and concentric phases repeatedly


the best exercise for your pectorals has to be the push-up. It’s an action that requires no weights, and just your body to perform it. Simply rest on your hands and knees to start. Push back your feet to rest upon the balls of feet. Make sure your palms are face down and set shoulder-width apart. Lower your body down as far as you can without straining then raise yourself back up to start. Pushups generally are best done in reps of 20. Do two sets at a time. Rest for about in between sets. If you have wrist problems, remember to push down into the knuckle of your palm. This will take the pressure off your wrist and allow you to complete the sets without pain.

9. Pec-Deck Machine

The peck deck is hit last by the chest routine for a duration of 10-12. Do partial reps and drop sets, pumping out multiple times until possibility failure occurs

10. Incline Dumbbell Pull-Over

Pull-over workout the shoulder extension that is the upper arm is moved rearward),!

Pull-overs at the far end of your exercise for sets of twelve. On each and every set, the last rep holds the contraction peak for a duration of five seconds.

*.Chest flys
Chest flys can be used in place of pushups until your wrists are strong enough to handle the workout.
In summary:

Upper Chest Muscles

To build upper chest muscles, your best chest exercise routine should include an incline barbell bench press and dumbbell flyes.

Lower Chest Muscles

Decline barbell bench press, parallel bar dips, and decline dumbbell flyes are the best Chest workout for this particular muscle group.

Inner Chest Muscles

For building inner chest muscles, try incorporating standing cable crossovers and flat bench dumbbell flyes in your workout.

Outer Chest Muscles

For toning the outer chest muscles, the most recommended exercise routines are flat bench barbell presses and flat bench dumbbell flyes.

When you vary your routines with these exercises it will help to prevent you from reaching a plateau in your training. Now it is important that you also realize that nutrition and rest are equally important.

Doing bench presses really help train those pectoral muscles! You start by lying on the floor or on a bench. Take a dumbbell of similar weight in each hand. Your elbows should be leveled in a line, making your arms look like “L” shapes. Raise the weights upward to meet each other then lower them back down to a level start. Never let your elbows dip below the bench or touch the floor.

So how does knowing these four areas help you build chest muscles? Easy. Just adopt a chest exercise that will hit all the muscle groups mentioned above. Here are some recommended exercises to build chest muscles:
Being aware of the right exercise regimen to build chest muscle is your first step to achieving your objective. It is important that you persevere and be diligent so that you can the desired results fast. Keep in mind that proper execution of your exercise routines is key to achieving success in this bodybuilding endeavor.

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