What is The Best Time To Workout ?

Are you an early morning workout fan, or do you train in the evening or after work?

Here’s the answer… There is no BEST time of day to train - but what DOES matter is keeping it consistent. A new study shows that keeping your workout times roughly consistent means you actually train more. It makes sense, right? Building habits is an important part of living this lifestyle.

Morning Training - training in the morning sets you up for the day, gives you a boost of energy, and leads to healthier choices for the rest of the day

Day Time Training - training in the middle of the day forces you to take a break and get moving, and it can make you think clearer at work or studying

Evening Training - training in the evening can help you de-stress and focus on yourself after a busy day, and you may have more time too.

Here are 4 great workout ideas

1 Partner Workouts - I love training with my wife Sharah, but you don’t have to train with that kind of partner! Any training partner is a great boost, helping you have fresh workout ideas and keeping you motivated

2 Outdoor Workouts - get outside for cardio, HIIT, or bodyweight workouts, the sunshine and vitamin D have extra health benefits and you will feel great in your mind as well as your body

3 Quick HIIT - HIIT workouts are a great way to shake up training when you feel a bit stuck, try sprints, boxing, or bodyweight HIIT for a fast fat burner

4 Barbell Complexes - grab a barbell and go through a circuit of 3-4 exercises you can do with that same weight. For example: front squat, overhead press, bent over row, straight leg deadlift.

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